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Questioning God

I’m not sure how anyone else feels about this topic, so I thought I’d write a little about it. If you’ve read some of my previous blog entries you know that God is my BFF or BATLT. My faith is what grounds me, what moves me, what heals me, and what defines me. That being said, I am still a potty-mouthed, sinner, who questions God.

I believe that He is sovereign over all and that He is in control. It’s just that sometimes, His control is so illusive to me that I can’t determine what He could be thinking.   (At this point there is raucous laughter in heaven as God is reading my comments!)  Certainly He didn’t plan for me to know ANYTHING! That is what makes Him GOD! Still, He created us humans and understands that at times we are going to question His motives, His tactics, and His divinity. I question these things lately: 1. Why do I have to move? 2. Why did I lose my baby? 3. Why did my friends end up with cancer? 4. Why do I get every illness that the kids I see come down with? 5. Why are men and women so different?

And all these questions are just that–Questions. They may never be answered and that is part of God’s divinity. He never said it would be easy, He only said it would be worth it. For all of our questioning and trying to understand, God left it a mystery to demonstrate His awesome power and might.

“Why” is such a difficult question. As a speech pathologist, I try to teach this concept to tons of children.  I can tell you that I’ve asked “Why?” was I put in this field!!   If I look at my questions as being as difficult as this concept that I am trying to teach, it somehow puts it into perspective!  Teaching ‘why’ is almost impossible and knowing ‘why’ is not meant for us.  I have found in my own life that when I ask ‘why’ eventually God shows me, though sometimes it is much later!  The best quote I’ve read lately is this one “Sometimes when we ask God our ‘why’ questions, instead of answers He gives us comfort” –Mary Jane Worden. 

Why is illusive and God knows it’s there. Eventually we will all see, we will all know what it is that ‘God has willed, what God has planned!’  Until then I think that it’s safe to say that God is in control, we are not.  I believe that He welcomes questions over us just walking away from Him.


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