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My first blog entry

Just to let everyone know what is going on with me these days…

For those of you who know me, you know that I am a Speech-Language Pathologist, or that is part of my definition of myself.  I am currently adjusting my personal definition…

After a year of deep soul-searching and much prayer and consideration, I am making a career move.  I will not quit doing Speech, but I am adding to my repertoire and becoming a Life Coach.  Yes, I said a Life Coach.  I know most of you are wondering what the heck that is, so I’ll explain…

I will only give you what being a Life Coach means to me and how I will approach it.  I love to help people, to give advice and insight into people’s lives and situations.  The past four years of my life have been amazing in so many ways and I have a new perspective from which I look at things, which is much more positive than ever before in my life.  Yes, much of this I owe to my beautiful husband, who is one of
God’s biggest blessings.  In all I have done over the past few years the times I have felt the most successful, the most complete, the most useful is when I am helping people to accomplish something.  I love to watch parents succeed with their children in speech and language, and to help them with ways to increase their child’s progress.  I love to help my friends and family solve their problems or work through issues.  And what I’ve figured out is that this can be a career–really!  So, for those of you who are tired of my unsolicited help, I will now be giving it to people who really want it and are requesting it from me specificially (that doesn’t mean I’m unavailable for those my loved ones!).

Many people hire personal trainers and everyone has heard of coaches in relation to sports, well I am your personal trainer/coach for life.  Have you been dying to write a book?  Take a vacation?  Find a new job?  Begin a new hobby?  Resolve a disagreement with someone?  But don’t know how to go about getting there.   I believe you have the solution within you, but may need my assistance to help you realize your full potential and make concrete steps to reach your goals.  I am your personal trainer for life.  Many people get assistance to reach their health goals, why shouldn’t you have that opportunity to help you reach all your life goals?

This is what I will be doing from now on.  I will be getting a website together to give more information and provide some tools for people to use to see if Coaching is for them, but I am still working those kinks out for right now.  Until I get that going, feel free to check in with me frequently to see what new information I add to my blog! 

I am so excited about the blog and hope that others enjoy it too!  I did a mini-coaching session today during one of my classes and the only word I have for it is EXHILIRATING!!!  Doing something that comes so naturally to me really helped another person and that was beautiful.  Coaching feels like a piece of me that has been missing or unidentified for some time now and I feel very full and greatful!  I am so blessed and so thankful to all of my friends and family who have been on this journey of discovery with me, thank you all for your support, love, and most especially prayers throughout this time period!


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